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Info alert: COVID 19

Those are unprecedented times we are living. The lockdown imposition is a necessary measure in this dire environment. However, education and culture should not be penalised at any cost. Learning should be a continuous effort. We believe books are great companions to educate, discover and being an excellent pastime. We have the necessary logistic in place to provide this service safely. Our e-commerce website already in place to cater for delivery. Unfortunately, since our partners-Mauritius Post and DHL- are not in service we have are relying on our people to get you your books. Please be ensured that we are taking this Covid-19 pandemic very seriously. Sanitary protocol is of paramount importance and will be observed when handling out orders. Recent data from The New England Journal of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health shows that the coronavirus is detectable on cardboard for up to 24 hours. Books in our bookshops have been left untouched since the start of the lockdown. Orders will be handled by one designated healthy personnel wearing masks and gloves and will be packed in a sterilized package on day of delivery. To be on the safer side we use a microfibre cloth on all paperbacks or books with cloth covers, so they wouldn’t be damaged and books with plastic covers we are being cleaned using disinfectant wipes.
Yours faithfully,
Asleem Sulliman

Info alert: Deliveries:

The work permits obtained only allows us to make delivery only in our regions, i.e. Vacoas, Cuepipe, Port-Louis, Quatre Bornes and Beau Bassin Rosehill.

Direction for ordering:
Customers ordering from the above mentioned areas. When checking out just select 'Local Shipping', and insert your delivery address.
Customers living outside of the areas mentioned are required to choose 'Local Collection ELP' at check-out to collect their purchased book(s) at the designated outlet (ELP Vacoas, ELP Curepipe or ELP Port-Louis).
Collection hours: From 10.00 a.m. till 12.00 a.m. Monday-Saturday
Kindly note that the minimum order for delivery is Rs.500/-
From children books to academic books and the wide range of books in between online at View all your favourite books in our store from your home. Secure payment services, home delivery by local post, EMS or DHL.

Info alert: Dear value customer, Please note that due to corona virus pandemic our online store remain open but only delivery has stopped until further notice. We thank you for your usual collaboration.